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Wednesday, August 29th 2018. | CANON LASER

Postscript PPD file for PageMaker and QuarkXpress in Windows.

How to Input an IP Address on a Machine
1. Press the “Aditional Function” button
2. System settings
3. Network settings
4. TCP / IP settings
5. IP address setting
6. Enter the IP address eg:
7. Finish.

How to connect using a LAN cable:
1. Buy cross-type LAN cables
2. Plug the cable into the RJ45 port of the copy machine and on the computer’s LAN port
3. Install the LAN card on the computer
4. Install the driver
5. Create a computer port with IP, netmask:
6. Copy machine port settings: IP, netmask:
7. From the computer run: ping if the status fails 0, it means that it is connected.